Snapshots of the Cairngorms National Park

If you’d asked me a couple of months ago to name my favourite national park, I’d probably have been torn between Snowdonia, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. But now?

I’d say the Cairngorms National Park, sans doute.

We may have only spent eight days there, but in that time it leapfrogged its way to top spot.

Gorgeous glens? Tick. Picture-perfect lochs? Tick. Rugged, boulder-strewn plateaus? Abundant wildlife? Bubbling, crystal-clear mountain streams? Tick, tick, tick.

The Cairngorms National Park had all of this and you could walk a fair stretch without seeing another soul. Bliss. I’ll be sharing posts on the various hikes we did over the coming weeks, but for now here are eight of my favourite photos from our trip to whet your appetite . . .

Allt Mor, Glenmore
Gleann Laoigh Bheag (I’ve not got the first idea how to pronounce that. Just as well this is a blog, not a vlog.)
Another night, another bothy: Hutchison Memorial Hut
Loch Etchachan, en route to Ben Macdui (Beinn Macduibh)
Capercaillie, spotted near Bynack More
Loch Callater
Allt Coire Fionn, Glenshee
And last, but by no means least, a little lochan near Creag a’ Choire Dhirich

10 thoughts on “Snapshots of the Cairngorms National Park

    1. I’d heard lots of good things about the Cairngorms National Park before I went, but nothing quite prepared me for experiencing it first-hand. It’s one of only a few places I’ve been in the UK that feels truly “wild”, and that’s pretty special 🙂

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    1. It really is – it’s got everything you could ask for, and then some! Feeling very lucky to be only a couple of hours’ drive from it these days ☺️ Hope you’re able to return someday.

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