Chers amis of the blogosphere,

I’m Rosie – a croissant connoisseur, cat lover and outdoors enthusiast. I’m about to embark on a new adventure in the Big Smoke, after spending the best part of the last year teaching the weird and wonderful quirks of my mother tongue to students in Lyon. (If you missed out on those adventures, you can catch up here.) La Grenouille Anglaise is, essentially, an agglomeration of things I like: travelling, to lands both near and far; hiking; photography; baking; and foreign languages.

Je m’appelle Rosie – connaisseuse des croissants, amoureuse de chats et amatrice d’espaces naturels. Je suis sur le point de commencer un nouveau chapitre de ma vie à Londres, après avoir passé presqu’un an comme lectrice d’anglais à Lyon. (Vous pouvez lire ma série ‘La Vie Lyonnaise’ en cliquant ici.) La Grenouille Anglaise est, essentiellement, une agglomération de choses que j’aime: les voyages, aux pays proches et lointains ; les randonnées ; la photographie ; la cuisine (particulièrement les gâteaux!) ; et les langues étrangères.

Thanks for visiting . . . et bienvenue!


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Just started following your blog. Although I have studied French for most of my life, I have only visited France once. I hope to experience all of its regions and gain better speaking fluency. Your dual-lingual posts give me a chance to practice reading, so Thank you! Although I live in California, my husband and I have discussed living in Europe with our boys who are both avid soccer (football) players. Hopefully we’ll get to the UK one day too!

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I feel as though even if I had a lifetime to explore France, it wouldn’t be enough. (Not that that will ever stop me from trying to see it all!) There are just so many beautiful regions, each with their own quirks and hidden gems. Glad you find my posts in that format helpful 🙂 I find it’s a useful way for me to keep up the writing side of things, as I’m no longer exposed to French on a daily basis. Hope you make it over to this side of the pond one day soon!


  2. Hi Rosie, I am trying to contact you to see if you want to join my friends and I for a hike in Peak District. Can you give me your facebook or email address in order for me to send you all the details, please? Have a good day, Mélodie

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  3. Hi Rosie, looked a bit at your old blog and it seems like we were at the same lycée in Colmar! :]]
    looking forward to reading your posts on this blog! are you still a language assistant or just living in Lyon?

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    1. It really is a small world! I thought I recognised the lovely teachers from the lycée – MC absolutely cracked me up! I’m working as a “lectrice” at a university in Lyon – more teaching hours and more admin, but generally enjoyable.

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    1. Thank you for the nomination Natasha, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have the time to do a separate post for the award at the moment, but I will answer your questions in a “reply” to your original post 🙂 Thanks again!


    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for introducing me to your blog! Look forward to exploring it and having a read of some of your posts 🙂


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