A Fleeting Visit to Cape Cod

Extending out into the Atlantic Ocean, the curved peninsula of Cape Cod is a treasure trove for maritime, animal and beach enthusiasts. It’s only a ninety-minute ferry ride from Boston, which means that if you were pushed for time, it would be possible to visit Provincetown, the Cape’s largest town, just for a day. We spent two days in Provincetown; whilst there we stayed at Gifford House Inn, which is in a great location but I wouldn’t recommend it to light sleepers due to the noise which invariably escapes from the club beneath it. Here’s a short selection of things to explore, see and munch when in Provincetown . . .

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Traces of History

Nearing the end of our trip, we visited one of America’s oldest cities: Boston. From Philadelphia, it was about a seven hour bus journey, with a change in New York. The dirt cheap ticket ($12.50 per person) came at a price on this journey: putting up with the guy across from us blasting (awful) music out of his headphones at full volume, not exactly great when all we wanted to do was sleep after getting up at 4 am. Unluckily for us, we also ended up with the exact same guy doing the exact same thing on our return journey to New York, where we ended our trip.

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Philadelphia: Exploring the Birthplace of Today’s America

Following our three jam-packed days in Washington D.C., we set off to conquer Philadelphia: home of the long-silenced Liberty Bell, full of cheese steak-seeking tourists and the American city with the closest resemblance to home.

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3 Days in 30°C Heat*

*Alternatively known as melting whilst trying to squeeze in every feasible monument/museum/insert attraction as applicable into three short days.

A few months beforehand, our meticulous planning led us to believe that a red-eye flight would be the ideal way to save some money and maximise our time in the nation’s capital. When we arrived, we realised exactly how these flights got their nickname: try arriving in D.C. at 6 am D.C. time (which is 3 am San Francisco time) and you’ll soon discover why too. Add this sleep-deprived state to the ridiculous heat wave, and it was a miracle how we managed to see as much as we did that first day.

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