French Raspberry Tart | Tarte aux Framboises

[veuillez défiler vers le bas pour la version française] Which of a pâtisserie’s many treats takes your fancy? A tangy tarte au citron? A chocolate éclair, erupting with creamy crème pâtissière? Me? Almost every time, I’ll plump for a raspberry tart: a delectable combination of crumbly, sweet pastry, smooth crème pâtissière and juicy raspberries, topped with a dusting of icing sugar or a jelly glaze.

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French Strawberry Tart | Tarte aux Fraises

[veuillez défiler vers le bas pour la version française] It’s finally summer and that means only one thing: strawberries, and lots of them! Strawberry tarts are the very essence of summer, and with their sweet pastry, soft crème pâtissière filling and oodles of strawberries piled on top what’s not to like? They’re embedded in memories of family holidays: munching them for breakfast in a pâtisserie in St Malo and as part of a picnic lunch in Narbonne. Besides my fear (which fortunately never materialised) of turning the crème pâtissière into vanilla-flavoured scrambled egg, it surprisingly turned out to be a rather simple recipe – and if for some unfortunate reason you don’t like/ can’t eat strawberries, switch them for other berries of your choosing! ‘Tis the season to eat tarts…

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French Apple Tart | Tarte aux Pommes à la Normande

[veuillez défiler vers le bas pour la version française] This quintessential French dessert combines sweet pastry with a soft frangipane filling, a dash of calvados and a beautifully layered sliced-apple topping. It’s a stunning showstopper that would impress even the Queen of Cakes (aka Mary Berry) . . . or for that matter, anyone else you make it for!

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