Jeu, Set et Match: A Day at Roland-Garros

There are currently 5,384 people ahead of you in the queue. Welcome to the online booking system for Roland-Garros. Fortunately, the virtual queue moved speedily and less than thirty minutes later I was presented with various ticket options for my chosen day. Whoopee! The French are hardly renowned for having efficient online booking systems, and yet there I was, in awe of their seamless booking process before I’d even set foot in the grounds. As soon as I knew I’d be spending another year in the Land of Baguettes, I set my heart on a trip to the French Open. I wasn’t bothered about seeing the final or even a semi-final; I just wanted to experience the French Open any which way I could. Luckily for me, Laurence is always game for watching some live tennis, so it wasn’t difficult to talk him into spending the last weekend of May in Paris!

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