North Berwick Law

At the tail end of September, we ventured out to East Lothian. We’d eyed up North Berwick Law on a previous visit to North Berwick, and this time set out with the intention of making it to the top. North Berwick Law is a mile or so to the south of North Berwick, and the route to the top starts from a car park on the north-west side of the hill.

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John Muir Way: Edinburgh to North Berwick

Stretching from Helensburgh to Dunbar, the John Muir Way traverses countryside, cities and coastal towns. It’s 215km/134 miles in all, but with train stations at regular intervals along the route it’s easy to split up into shorter stretches if you only fancy a day in the saddle. We did just that, and cycled a small segment of the route from Edinburgh to North Berwick a couple of weekends ago.

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