Misleading Martigues

Knowing that Sundays in France are on par with bank holidays – in the sense that they’re hardly a hive of activity – we decided to take a little jaunt along the coast to Martigues. Nicknamed ‘The Venice of Provence’, the accolades were stacked high in Martigues’ favour and we felt an urge to see it for ourselves.

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Sunbeams and Sunburn

If there’s one major advantage to working in the education field, it’s the holidays – scattered throughout the year, they’re a breather from the continual chaos of term time and an ideal travel opportunity. Let’s rewind to the end of October when, after five weeks of teaching/ lecturing/ adult-sitting, I headed south to Marseille for the Vacances de la Toussaint and some unexpected sunshine.

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Sea Salt and Rosemary Focaccia

Focaccia is a popular Italian flatbread, which is seasoned with olive oil and can be topped with almost anything: sea salt, herbs, olives or tomatoes, to name just a few. For relatively little effort, you’ll be rewarded with a tasty bread, perfect for dipping in oils or using to make deluxe sandwiches (at an infinitely cheaper price than a £3-or so sandwich from local student hangout Bakery 164).

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