Back in the Big Smoke

As things turned out, I found myself back in the UK rather sooner than expected – for an assessment centre, the part of recruitment processes that us millennials all love to hate. (As far as these things go it was an enjoyable day, though I did feel rather brain-drained afterwards!) Since I had to reschedule things in order to attend, I found myself with a day in London to fill beforehand and promptly arranged to meet up with my mum (during the day) and Laurence (once he’d finished work).

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London Calling

Even though I’ve been to London countless times, there’s always something left to see – be it a museum, a café, or just an iconic viewing spot of the capital. Since I live on the opposite side of the country to Laurence, it’s also the most convenient place to meet up when we’re both home (though we’ve now gone from living 236 miles apart in the same country to living 625 miles apart with the English Channel between us, so a new city may well take London’s place as most convenient meeting spot). Rambling aside, back in July we decided to have a day trip to London incorporating a few of our favourite things: a love of all things designed by Arup (that would be Laurence), admiring vintage cameras and lunching at the Camera Museum, and taking in London’s skyline from Hampstead Heath.

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A Day in London: The Sky Garden & Camden Town

Forget The View from the Shard: it’s all about The View from 20 Fenchurch Street. The Sky Garden is London’s highest public garden – and with a non-existent entry price, it’s a verifiable hidden gem for travellers on a budget in the heart of the capital.

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London: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

London is probably on 99% of travellers’ bucket lists, and if it’s not on yours then you should probably add it. The UK’s vibrant capital city has an abundant supply of things to do: beyond the tourist traps lie countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Although London can be expensive, there are plenty of sights you can see for free, or for a reduced fee. Here’s my guide on the good, the bad and the ugly to visiting my nation’s capital . . .

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