Liebster Award (II)

A fortnight or so ago, Diana over at Handstands Around the World nominated me for the Liebster Award. It’s just a wee step down from a Booker Prize, and is given to bloggers by bloggers in order to celebrate emerging blogs (and perhaps help a few fellow bloggers to discover your site in the first place). If you don’t have the airfare (or air miles) right now, Diana’s blog is sure to have you adding American national parks to your bucket list at a rate of knots. Canyonlands, Craters of the Moon and Arches are just a handful of the immensely photogenic natural landscapes I’ve added to my list already . . . Without further ado, un grand merci to Diana for nominating my blog and let’s crack on with the award itself!

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Liebster Award

A couple of weeks back, Jessie over at Travel and Trouvailles nominated me for a Liebster Award – an award which celebrates new(ish) blogs and encourages a sense of community in the blogosphere. Jessie’s blog is a treasure-trove of travel tales, a mélange of cultural snippets, francophone music recommendations, book reviews and general musings – stay turned for upcoming posts on her year abroad in Barcelona, Spain, and Toulouse, France! Without further ado, a huge merci to Jessie – and to everyone else who, for some reason or another, reads my ramblings – et voilà: the rules of the award; my responses to Jessie’s questions; 10 random facts about me; my nominees; and my questions for them. On y va!

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