Playlist | Serge Gainsbourg

Throughout his musical career, Serge Gainsbourg was a man who lived and breathed scandals. Despite – or perhaps in spite of – his tendency to add fuel to the fire (both literally – he once burnt a 500 franc note on live TV – and figuratively), he has attained legendary status in France since his death.

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Day Tripper: Beatlemania in Liverpool

Liverpool is home to two of my favourite things: the Beatles (and the phenomenon of Beatlemania) and Superlambananas. Last week, in a (successful!) bid to surprise my mum for her birthday, I spent a day in this beautiful maritime city – or rather, spent a sizeable portion of it discovering the outskirts of Liverpool on a Magical Mystery Tour . . .

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Retrospective: Alhambra, Granada

Overlooking the sprawling city of Granada, Spain, is the Alhambra: the pinnacle of Moorish architecture and a lasting tribute to Spain’s rich Islamic heritage. This majestic hilltop fortress dominates the city skyline and necessitates a visit: besides its ideal location for a panoramic cityscape, its opulent splendour will leave any visitor in awe (and quite possibly with very sore feet, due to the large amount of walking involved!) Although I wrote about my time in Granada here, I have since felt I didn’t quite do this monumental fortress justice . . . so here is an entire post dedicated to this beautiful (and big) UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Poppies: Weeping Window

St George’s Hall, a neo-classical architectural masterpiece in the heart of Liverpool, is currently hosting Poppies: Weeping Window, a key sculpture from the installation entitled Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, created by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper. Cascading down the facade of the building are thousands of intertwined blood-red poppies, glistening with raindrops by day (such is the stereotypical British weather) and illuminated with overhead lamps by dusk.

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Les 10 Meilleures Chansons Françaises

L’apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue est une aventure merveilleuse, mais c’est parfois difficile de chercher des choses culturelles qui sont faciles à comprendre et qui sont aussi intéressantes. Voilà, ma sélection de dix chansons françaises sensationnelles . . .

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A 500 Acre Outdoor Art Gallery

Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a haven for arty individuals seeking an expanse of strange sculptures, curious carvings and innovative (though often indescribably weird) installations. Or perhaps, like myself, you just want to see the poppies. Until the 10 January 2016, it’s home to Wave from Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red; the pretext of my visit.

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British Art Show 8: An Arty Extravaganza

Leeds Art Gallery has metamorphosed into a new cultural venue, temporarily emptying its galleries to host the British Art Show 8. It is a showcase – held every five years – for contemporary art in Britain; this year exhibiting works from forty-two artists deemed to have contributed significantly to the contemporary art scene in the UK. This year, the central theme of the exhibition is that of the relationship between objects – whose purposes are constantly evolving – and both the real and virtual worlds.

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