Chocolate Orange Brownies

[veuillez défiler vers le bas pour la version française] First and foremost, Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it! I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) that some Mini Eggs have made their way across the Channel with my family this weekend, but I digress. A few weeks back, I had some leftover eggs from Pancake Day. The obvious solution – since I don’t eat eggs in their natural state – was to add oodles of chocolate and lashings of sugar to the mix and bake a batch of brownies. I’ve made brownies with Terry’s Chocolate Orange before, but this time I wanted to use orange zest for a more natural flavour. Having seen a recipe for lemon cake on What Jessica Baked Next, which suggested rubbing the lemon zest into the sugar for a more intense flavour, I decided to incorporate this technique into the brownies – which resulted in orange zestiness in every mouthful!

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Nutella Brownies

[veuillez défiler vers le bas pour la version française] Alas, the time has come for me to make a confession: I’m not a Nutella fan. I don’t consume it by the spoonful directly from the jar nor do I spread lashings of it on toast every morning (the fact I don’t even have a toaster is beside the point). On the contrary, Laurence is a Nutella fiend – he drowns his toast in Nutella, adds it to his (delicious) banana bread and is visiting this weekend. So what better way to honour his visit than with a bake incorporating his favourite chocolate-hazelnut spread? I may not be a fan of Nutella in isolation, but in rich, decadent, fudgy brownie form . . . well, that’s a different story!

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Terry’s Chocolate Orange Brownies

These chocolate orange brownies have all the decadence of a devilishly chocolatey dessert with the added zestiness of orange peel: the ideal extra flavour boost to elevate a standard brownie to a more exciting treat! After experimenting with salted caramel brownies last term, I decided to make a few tweaks to the recipe and voilà: a delicious chocolatey orangey delight was born. This recipe also gave me a bona fide reason to make the most of a £1 deal for Terry’s Chocolate Orange – an opportunity I was never going to let pass me by!

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Salted Caramel Brownies

These salted caramel brownies are the epitome of chocolate puddings: just the right level of gooeyness, blended perfectly with a decent dose of chocolate and a smothering of salted caramel. I usually just whip up my usual recipe, but this time (in honour of my sister’s visit) I decided to adapt it and try something new – which turned out to be utterly delicious. Chocolate fanatics, read on . . .

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