New Neighbours

Move back up north, I wrote, what feels like a lifetime ago but was in fact a little over a year ago. Cairngorms (May!). Bag another Munro.

And then, along came Covid-19 and those plans turned upside down. Grand plans became small plans: a walk around Coe Fen to see the cows; a cycle ride to Lavenham; a new recipe to try.

Fast-forward sixteen months, and I’ve moved up north. A wee bit further north than I’d imagined, granted. But still, north: Edinburgh. The Cairngorms are now only a couple of hours’ drive away, and a spot of Munro-bagging is on the cards for the summer.

We’ve been living in Edinburgh for a couple of months now, and it feels more like home than Cambridge ever did. We’ve explored pockets of the Pentland Hills Regional Park, and, more recently, have ventured up to the Trossachs and the Lomond Hills Regional Park. We’ve ambled along the Water of Leith, crossed the causeway to Cramond Island, and followed the Shore Path through the Dalmeny Estate (not all on the same day, I hasten to add). I’ve put my walking boots and rucksack on more times in the past eight or so weeks than I did in the whole of last year. (In fact, it had been so long since I last used my rucksack that an old packet of cough sweets had morphed into a gooey, sticky mess inside one of the pockets. Nothing a hot shower can’t fix, though, and it’s good as new now!)

There’s more change on the horizon too, as I’ll be starting a PGDE in Secondary French in August. I agreed to keep the move on the down-low at work until I received an offer from the University of Edinburgh and that, at least in part*, is why this little corner of the internet has been very quiet for the past four months.

*The other parts being preparing for five PGDE interviews; searching for flats; cleaning our old place from floor to ceiling; packing our lives up into boxes; unpacking at the other end; and sorting all the life admin that comes with moving.

I’ve got plenty of local, new-to-me adventures to share over the coming weeks and months, and, for the first time in a long time, am feeling energised and excited for what lies ahead. Here are a few snapshots of our new neighbours: some iconic landmarks, some glorious views… and a couple of furry residents of Edinburgh Zoo. À très bientôt!

Edinburgh Castle
Scald Law, Pentland Hills Regional Park
Turnhouse Hill, Pentland Hills Regional Park
Forth Bridge, viewed from the Shore Walk around the Dalmeny Estate
Ben Ledi, the Trossachs
Ring-tailed lemur, Edinburgh Zoo
Scottish wildcat, Edinburgh Zoo

6 thoughts on “New Neighbours

  1. Whoa, you moved to Scotland?? A surprise, but a wonderful one! Edinburgh is a beautiful city, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it…and I can imagine the hikes surrounding it are lovely, too! Not sure if you know Clazz from An Orcadian Abroad, but she’s also based in Edinburgh…I do wish you the best of luck in your endeavors with PGDE (I suppose you’re interested in teaching French?), and keep us updated with what goes on moving forward! Stay safe, Rosie!

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    1. Yes! A happy accident, you could say, as it was Laurence’s new job that brought us to Edinburgh. I’ve only been into the centre a handful of times since moving, but it sure is beautiful. Having so many good hikes nearby is doing wonders for my mental health! I love Clazz’s blog ☺️ Thanks, Rebecca – and yes, I’ll be training as a secondary school French teacher. Looking forward to languages playing a bigger part in my career going forward, and will be sure to keep you updated 🙂 Hope all’s well with you!

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      1. I am indeed! We moved up here about three months ago (time flies!) 🙂 That would be lovely. I’ll drop you a line and we can fix something up!


    1. Thanks, Diana! I’ve got a few local hikes to write up, and with things beginning to open up again this side of the pond I’m cautiously making some plans for the summer 🙂

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