Snapshots of Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is peat bogs, pine forests and ponies (lots of ponies); mile upon mile of open moorland, crowned with tors; and stars – more than I could count, than I’ve ever seen before – twinkling against inky skies. Over Easter, Laurence and I spent five days hiking across Dartmoor National Park, sampling cream teas, exploring market towns and quaint villages and getting very (very) sunburnt along the way. I’ll retrace our footsteps through Tavistock, Princetown, Postbridge and Widecombe-in-the-Moor in subsequent posts, but for now, here’s a selection of my favourite snapshots . . .

Pew Tor
Place names like Eggworthy make me smile 🙂
The moorland wasn’t the only thing that was scorched on this day . . .
One of Dartmoor’s adorable furry residents
When in Devon . . . (I’m normally a jam-then-cream sort of gal)
Forget the red carpet, I’d take a green carpet any day
Bewitchingly beautiful Wistman’s Wood
Before the bog
Picture-perfect Postbridge ❤
Who doesn’t love a pub with a sense of humour?

10 thoughts on “Snapshots of Dartmoor National Park

    1. Thanks! Dartmoor has something for everyone – longer trails and short but scenic wanders 🙂 It was so nice to escape to the countryside and have some fresh air for a few days. X

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