Snapshots from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is towering skyscrapers, colonial relics and ornate temples; it’s also rugged coastline, craggy peaks and beautiful flora. Hong Kong is bubble waffles, yum cha and char siu. Hong Kong is a place I could keep going back to and never tire of.

I love its fusion of cultures and its seamless blending of old and new. I love gazing across Victoria Harbour from the Star Ferry; I love hopping aboard a Ding Ding on Hong Kong Island. (I’m an adult-sized child at heart.) I love the smoking coils of incense and the brightly coloured temples and pagodas, some nestled amongst the skyscrapers, others perched on the hillsides. I love watching the world go by, seeing the city slickers, the locals and the tourists alike go about their day. I love the wet markets and the open-air fruit markets (so much so that I found room for 2kg of fresh mangoes in my bag – all completely customs-compliant, I might add). I love how the concrete jungle snakes its way round the hills, fringing the country parks. I love how easy it is to escape the crowds and the sense of adventure that comes with hitting the trail – especially when the trail turns out to be little more than a dirt slope, with ropes slung between trees forming a makeshift handrail. I love Hong Kong, and ever since our post-graduation trip, I’d hoped to return.

Sometime in December, I began scouring Skyscanner, Cathay Pacific and British Airways (and a few other airlines) for reasonably-priced, direct flights to Hong Kong, and quickly discovered that a few days in Singapore wouldn’t add much to the cost. When in Rome . . . – or Asia, as the case may be. There’s a lot to be said for no longer being restricted to school holiday season, but on this occasion we decided to take advantage of the Easter bank holidays to maximise our time away (nine days of annual leave netted us seventeen days off, win-win).

We spent a large chunk of our time in Hong Kong feasting on dim sum, seeing new sights and hitting the trails, so there’s plenty of Hong Kong and Singapore-related content coming to a screen near you over the coming weeks and months. For the time being, here’s a taster of what we got up to . . .

Cheung Chau
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, New Territories
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, New Territories
Sunset from the Star Ferry, Victoria Harbour
Dragon’s Back, Hong Kong Island
Sunset Peak and Lantau Peak, Lantau Island
Hong Kong Wetland Park, New Territories
‘The Hunchbacks’, New Territories
The Peak, Hong Kong Island
Tai Mo Shan, New Territories
Tai Po Market, New Territories
Bubble waffles ❤

29 thoughts on “Snapshots from Hong Kong

      1. It’s always tough to find a restaurant back in your home country that measures up to the ‘real thing’. Although there are some good Chinese places over here, the food is a lot more expensive than it is in Hong Kong!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So true:) most of the restaurants here adapt the taste to the local. Yes, restaurants in Copenhagen is very expensive, if want really good food. the cheapest is Chinese and kebab food but very greasy and not that good.

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    1. Writing these posts is making me miss Hong Kong heaps! What were your highlights from Hong Kong? Just seen on your blog that you’re from Cheshire – I’m originally from that region too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww so cool! I loved visiting Sham Shui Po – discovering the cheap markets and dragon mall. Lamma Island, Lantau Island and Stanley beach were also great places to see to.. I just published a blog about the Choi Hung Estate too, its definitely worth visiting here!

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      2. The Outlying Islands are a great taster of rural Hong Kong! I especially loved the views from Sunset Peak and Lantau Peak on Lantau Island (though my legs ached for a few days afterwards!). I hadn’t heard of the Chou Hung Estate. Thanks for the recommendation – I’ll give your post a read!


    1. It’s definitely a trip I’ll remember for years to come! Hong Kong is a feast for the senses, so there are plenty more posts to come 🙂


    1. Sadly not – I was there just before Easter, and have only just got round to blogging about it! Thank you for the offer though 🙂 Maybe next time? I’d love to see more of Singapore!


    1. I love how diverse Hong Kong is, and the fact you get mesmerising cityscapes and stunning landscapes in such close proximity. Even after two trips, I’ve still got a lengthy list of things still to see there!

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      1. Same here, it was about an 11-13hr flight (shorter on the way out, slightly longer on the way back, if I recall correctly). Worth the long journey though!


    1. It was great to be back! We managed to see lots of new spots and hit the trails a few times, while still coming back feeling well-rested 🙂 If you ever get the chance to go to HK, it’s well worth a trip!

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