Conquering the Clwydian Range

Stretching from Prestatyn to Llandegla, the Clwydian Range is a chain of (fairly low) peaks that runs along the border of Denbighshire and Flintshire, in North Wales. Having grown up just across the border, it’s an area that will always hold a special place in my heart. Today, I’d like to take you on an armchair tour of Foel Fenlli, a peak which lives in the shadow of its neighbour, Moel Famau.

1-Foel Fenlli (18)

1-Foel Fenlli (20)

We tootled past Loggerheads, pulling up at Moel Famau Car Park shortly afterwards. Usually, we’d pull on our boots and take the winding path to the summit of Moel Famau; this time, we decided to head up into the hills to the south. While the ascent up Moel Famau is gradual, the ascent up Foel Fenlli is short and sharp (and the views all the sweeter for it).

1-Foel Fenlli (21)

1-Foel Fenlli (23)

Some people will have you believe that Wales knows only variants of rain: drizzle, downpours, and deluges. On this particular day, that charming little stereotype couldn’t have been further from the truth: blazing sunshine, blue skies and warm weather. (I’m not sure why the colours in these photos are so vivid, but I can assure you I haven’t edited them in any way, shape or form.)

1-Foel Fenlli (27)

1-Foel Fenlli (33)

Snaking our way up the hillside, through thick ferns and the last of the heather, we were quickly rewarded with stellar views of the surrounding countryside. Bilberries were in steady supply, and I sorely regretted not having a plastic bag, tub or other receptacle to take them away in. (I won’t be making that mistake again!) Foel Fenlli, I’ll be back.

1-Foel Fenlli (36)

1-Foel Fenlli (41)

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